Jenks Public Schools Offering Three Attendance Options for Fall

Jul 14, 2020

Jenks Public Schools parents have until July 31 to choose in-person, all-virtual or blended instruction for their students for at least the fall semester.

Students in any grade may be enrolled in the in-person or virtual options. The blended learning option is available only to seventh- through 12th-graders and includes daily, in-person attendance.

The district will require masks at school for students in third grade and up, employees, and any visitors. Students in pre-K through second grade will be encouraged to wear masks.

Jenks Superintendent Stacey Butterfield said families who don’t want their kids to wear masks are welcome to choose the virtual option.

"At this point in time, we do not feel that we are left with any other option than to protect the lives of our students and our employees," Butterfield said.

The Jenks School Board gave Butterfield authority next year to put all students on a distance learning plan if the COVID-19 pandemic makes it necessary. Butterfield said otherwise, decisions that must be made quickly could be delayed by a requirement for board approval.

"For example, if we need to close down a particular classroom or a particular grade level or a a particular school site, we want to to be able to have that flexibility to do so," Butterfield said.

Jenks’ online fall registration opens Wedensday. In-person instruction is the default option.

Jenks students are set to return August 19.