Judge's Ruling Means Video of TPD Officers Being Shot Will be Released

Sep 10, 2020

David Ware is charged with murder in the June fatal shooting of Tulsa Police Sgt. Craig Johnson. Video of the incident will be released Monday.
Credit Tulsa Police

Body camera video showing the June 29 shooting of two Tulsa Police officers will be made public Monday morning.

Tulsa County District Judge William Musseman said Thursday after watching the footage, he does not think its release will affect the prosecution of David Ware and Matthew Hall. Musseman did not extend a previous judge's order keeping the video sealed.

Ware faces murder and other charges in the death of Sgt. Craig Johnson and wounding of Ofc. Aurash Zarkeshan. Hall faces an accessory charge for allegedly driving Ware from the scene. District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler and Hall's attorney sought to keep the video from being released.

"The release of this video, we anticipated was going to happen, and the video’s going to speak for itself and I’m not going to comment about the contents of the video. We’ll just leave that up to anybody that’s going to be watching it, but my focus is on what’s going to be happening in the courtroom," Kunzweiler said.

Ware’s attorney, Kevin Adams, pushed for the video’s release, saying it would counter false statements police made about his client. Adams declined to comment on Thursday’s ruling.

Kunzweiler said both sides will be careful speaking publicly about the case going forward.

"I do not want to bring any more attention to this case than what I suspect it’s already received, and I want to make sure that once we get to a point where we can get to a resolution that I don’t have any external factors influencing the outcome of the case," Kunzweiler said.

TPD is holding a news conference Monday morning about the video release.