Langston Hughes Academy Ordered Closed By State

Jan 25, 2019

Langston Hughes Academy at 66th Street North and Victor
Credit Google Street View

The State Board of Education voted Thursday to close a troubled Tulsa charter school at the end of this school year. 

In mid-2018 the State Department of Education received a tip that administrators at Langston Hughes Academy were tampering with students’ grades. 

Officials from the State department began investigating the charter school further and found the school to be out of compliance with many state and federal laws. 

The state board gave the charter six months to hire new administrators and attempt to fix its problems, but in that time some of the school’s problems worsened: A school coach was accused of raping a student, and evidence of fraud came to light. 

On Thursday state superintendent Joy Hofmeister said she had lost confidence in the school’s ability to turn itself around, and voted to strip it of its accreditation.

The school will close June 30th.