The latest on PLANiTULSA --- the city-wide process to update Tulsa's Comprehensive Plan.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – PLANiTULSA is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the next 30 years of our city's growth and development. This city-wide process to update Tulsa's Comprehensive Plan promises a new vision that will be inclusive, expert, and well-considered --- and that will reflect the needs and dreams of all Tulsans. On today's show, a discussion with Janet Tharp, a project manager for PLANiTULSA. Tharp works for Fregonese Associates, a highly regarded Oregon-based urban-planning consultant firm that's been commissioned by the city to lead the PLANiTULSA efforts. In particular, Tharp speaks with host Rich Fisher about the various "small-area workshops" that PLANiTULSA has held in recent weeks --- and about more such workshops that have been scheduled for the immediate future.