Legal Help for Those Now Facing Eviction: A Chat with Prof. Roni Amit of the TU College of Law

Jan 28, 2021

Despite the pandemic-triggered federal moratorium on residential evictions, evictions do still happen in certain cases here in the Tulsa area. Why? Our guest is Prof. Roni Amit, who's with the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic at the University of Tulsa College of Law. This clinic, per its website, "addresses access to justice for marginalized communities in Tulsa, with a particular focus on the intersection of legal needs within these communities. While serving individual clients, students also engage more broadly with the justice system and structural access to justice barriers. The clinic explores different mechanisms of advocacy, including court observations, fact-finding and reporting, impact litigation, and legislative advocacy." Several students at the Terry West clinic thus recently issued a report, with the help of Prof. Amit, titled "Leveling the Playing Field: Legal, Economic, and Policy Considerations in Establishing an Access to Counsel Program for Tulsa's Eviction Docket."