Lisa Curtis of The Heritage Foundation Addresses the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations

Dec 2, 2014

On this installment of ST, our guest is Lisa Curtis, a Senior Research Fellow for South Asia in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation. Curtis is a widely recognized expert on America's economic, political, and security relationships with India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other nations in South Asia, and has thus been seen as a guest commentator or news analyst on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, the BBC, and elsewhere. Curtis has also testified before Congress on more than a dozen occasions in recent years regarding India, Pakistan, radical Islam, and America's image abroad (and particularly its image in South Asia). She recently gave an address to the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations on "U.S.-India Ties After the Modi Visit: Expanding Global Partnership," and she stopped by our studios to discuss this matter while she was in town.