A Look at the Origins of Flowering Plants and the Evolution of Plantlife (Encore Presentation)

Aug 15, 2013

On this encore edition of ST, we speak with Dr. Pamela Soltis, the curator of the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. The work of Dr. Soltis has focused on the use of molecular evidence to reconstruct the patterns of plant evolution, and she has contributed significantly to our understanding of the evolution of flowering plants. (In fact, she's among the discoverers of the common ancestor of all flowering plants.) She is also one of the principal investigators for the Floral Genome Project, which examines the origin, conservation, and diversification of those genes involved in floral development. An experienced and widely acknowledged leader in her academic field, Dr. Soltis has also served as president of the Botanical Society of America as well as the Society of Systematic Biologists; we interviewed her just before she spoke here at TU earlier this year.