"Looking Out for Number Two: A Slightly Irreverent Guide to Poo, Gas, and Other Things..."

Jun 27, 2017

On this installment of ST Medical Monday, we're talking about (brace yourself) dirty diapers and the parents who fixate on them. Our guest is Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, which is America's largest children's hospital. He tells us about his new book, which reveals the many useful solutions that he's both utilized and developed over the course of his distinguished career in addressing the digestive health problems of children. The book is called "Looking Out for Number Two," and it was thus praised recently by a reviewer for Live Science: "[This book] offers a reassuring (and humorous) perspective on the mysterious and sometimes alarming effluvia that infants produce -- often from both ends at the same time.... Dr. Vartabedian offers fascinating insights." Also on today's show, our commentator Connie Cronley offers some surprising links between the classic literary landscapes created by the Bronte sisters and the strange and frustrating political landscape to be found in much of today's Oklahoma.