Looking at Whether and How Concert Music Can Return in the Fall...in a COVID World

Jul 16, 2020

With COVID cases now spiking across Oklahoma, and indeed, across much of the nation, it seems unlikely that Americans will be able to safely gather in large numbers anytime soon to hear music in a concert hall, arena, or auditorium. But the show, as they say, must go on -- and thus many gigs are lately being performed on Facebook Live, while others are being presented at drive-in movie complexes. Or via YouTube, etc. On this edition of ST, we talk to two local arts administrators on how they're planning to offer concert/orcheestral music to their audiences this fall. We are joined by Keith Elder, exceutive director of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, and then by Tim Sharp, who leads the Tulsa Chorale and is also the executive director of the American Choral Directors Association.