For the love of Italian sports cars....

Jul 12, 2017

Allen Mandlebaum loves sleek, Italian sports cars.  He ALSO loves NPR.  So when he decided he had one too many vintage Alfa Romeos in his garage, he gave us a call and donated this yummy little cherry red number to benefit Public Radio Tulsa. 

“We listen to NPR all the time.  And we want to SUPPORT NPR,” says Mandlebaum, who adds that he has been restoring Alfas for years.  But at almost 75, he says that climbing in and out of a tiny two-seater isn’t as easy as it used to be.  That led to his decision to part with what he jokingly calls his “Italian mistress.”  

Not everyone has a spare ooo-la-la sports car.  But donating a vehicle to Public Radio Tulsa is an excellent way to support the programs you love!  You get a tax break, your old car can be towed away for free, and the proceeds benefit the fact-based news, thoughtful conversation, and magnificent music you hear every day.

So, whether you have a fully-restored classic car taking up space in your garage, or you’re just ready to replace your aging family sedan, put your old car to work by donating it to Public Radio Tulsa.  Call our Vehicle Donation Service at 1-855-277-2346 to find out how.