Magic in the Air, and on the Shelves, in Downtown Tulsa: Magic City Books Will Open Soon

Nov 17, 2017

"To have great poets," as Walt Whitman once noted, "there must also be great audiences." And great cities, it would seem, likewise require great bookstores. On this edition of ST, we learn all about Magic City Books -- an indie bookstore owned and operated by the non-profit Tulsa Literary Coalition (or TLC) -- which will soon, at long last, open for business in downtown Tulsa. Indeed, after a series of construction-related delays, Magic City Books will open on Monday the 20th at 9pm...with Mayor G.T. Bynum cutting the ceremonial ribbon, no less. Our guests today bring us up to speed on what this much-anticipated bookshop will offer, and how it will operate, and so forth. Our two guests are Cindy Hulsey, the executive director of the TLC, and Jeff Martin, the president of  the TLC's board of directors.