"Malignant: How Bad Policy and Bad Evidence Harm People with Cancer"

Jun 22, 2020

Our guest is Dr. Vinayak K. Prasad, a practicing hematologist-oncologist and internal medicine physician based in San Francisco. He joins us to discuss his important new book, "Malignant: How Bad Policy and Bad Evidence Harm People with Cancer." This work explains how hype, money, and bias can -- and often do -- mislead the public into thinking that many worthless or unproven cancer treatments are effective. As noted by Dr. David P. Steensma, who's with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School: "Oncology drug development is full of hype and spin, which raises false hopes, confuses patients, and wastes money. Prasad incisively dissects crummy evidence and systematic abuses, including the pernicious effects of financial conflicts and academic self-promotion, and proposes sensible steps to improve development of new therapies for cancer."