Masks No Longer Required At Tulsa Public Schools

Jun 8, 2021

Masks will no longer be required on district transportation

Masks will no longer be required at Tulsa Public Schools.


In a meeting last night, Board of Education members voted to rescind the mask mandate at all district buildings and on district transportation.


Judith Barba Perez representing District 2 was the lone “no” vote. She said she’s spoken to at least 100 parents in her community who don’t want their kids to stop wearing masks.


 “The Latinx community does fear the vaccinations, and not because of what the vaccine has in it, but because they’re afraid to go to the clinic,” said Perez.


She said worries over whether or not a social security number will be asked for are a problem. 


Perez also noted that vaccines are not available to all children.


“Kids are vectors. Even if they are not impacted completely like some of the studies have said, they are vectors for teachers. They are vectors for people at home.”


Officials at the meeting said the suspension of the mask requirement is not necessarily permanent, and schools should continue distancing and hand washing policies.