Meet the Mexico-Based Jazz-Rock Guitarist Todd Clouser

Tulsa, OK – Jimi Hendrix once said: "I want to play music that draws a picture of the world and its space." And Miles Davis, somewhat conversely, once said: "I'll play it first and tell you what it is later." On today's show, we visit with a 30-year-old jazz-rock guitarist and composer who would most likely agree 100% with each of these assertions --- and who's clearly been influenced by both of these modern masters. His name is Todd Clouser; he was raised in Minneapolis and is now based in Baja California, Mexico, where he teaches music to youngsters and teens from all socio-economic backgrounds while also playing several nights a week in local clubs and bars throughout the Los Cabos area. Clouser's latest CD is called "A Love Electric" --- and he'll be playing cuts from this funky, jazzy, rock-and-blues-and-soul-infused album tonight at 9pm at the Soundpony, which is on North Main Street in downtown Tulsa. (Much more info about Clouser can be found at Scott Gregory is the guest host for today's program.