Military Flags Stolen From Veteran Aid Coffee Bunker

Dec 1, 2019

This is a screen-grab of the suspect
Credit Coffee Bunker

The veteran-owned Coffee Bunker provides more than hot coffee to Tulsa area veterans. It provides services to help vets make the transition from military to civilian life with comfort and comradery. It has been around for a decade.

The outside of the building, on 41st west of Sheridan, is adorned with military flags. Someone stole two of the flags over the holiday weekend. On social media, the Bunker provided a statement and a video of the thief.

“We would like to find out who the thief is that stole an Air Force flag and pole and also a Coast Guard flag and pole. Please share and let’s identify this person.”

The theft was not reported to the police. Management says they don’t want to send the man to jail. They just want their flags back.