More and More Sports Concussions: A Chat with Dr. Pat Bellgowan, a Neuroscientist at Laureate and TU

Aug 19, 2013

Why are concussions in sports today --- at the grade school, high school, collegiate, and professional levels; especially over the last decade or so --- becoming more and more common? And what exactly does the term "post-concussion syndrome" (or PCS) refer to? On this encore edition of our program, we listen back to an interesting discussion with Dr. Pat Bellgowan, who's a neuroscientist at The Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa as well as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at TU. When we originally spoke with Dr. Bellgowan, earlier this year, he was preparing to appear at an event here at TU concerning the crisis of concussions in American sports. Other panelists for this event included sports medicine specialists, high school as well as collegiate coaches, psychiatrists, and physicians.