Most Sensitive HD Radio We've Found Is Now On Sale at Best Buy

Dec 14, 2013

Since 2004, when Classical 88.7 signed on-the-air as the first HD radio station in Oklahoma, we've tested a number of HD Radios. So far, the most sensitive model that we've found is at Best Buy (Insignia NS-HDRAD) and is currently on sale for $39.99 with free shipping. It would certainly make a great holiday gift.

The sound from its speakers isn't Bose-quality, but it's pleasing and comfortably room-filling. Plug in earbuds or headphones for very good sound. It runs on AA batteries for a surprisingly long time, given that HD Radios tend to be battery hogs. It also comes with a wall adapter. It's lightweight enough to carry around and comes with two different antennas, so that you can use either the telescoping whip antenna or an easily-hidden wire antenna which plugs into the back.

What makes this radio better than other table radios? Two advantages: when the radio switches to HD (after about eight seconds when tuning to a HD station), the sound field becomes noticeably wider, brighter, and more like listening to a compact-disc. It also picks up hidden channels within the FM band that you aren't hearing. Think of HD Radio like satellite radio, but without the monthly cost. It's local and the sound quality is better.

Look at our channel grid to the right. You're hearing Public Radio 89.5-1 KWGS and Classical 88.7-1 KWTU right now, but we broadcast four additional HD channels which can only be heard on a HD Radio. In Tulsa alone, there are currently twenty-two HD Radio channels.

So, if a new car is looming in your future, get one with a HD Radio. If not, consider this very nice radio at a great price.

Insignia NS-HDRAD at Best Buy

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