Mother Road Market Opening Nov. 2

Oct 11, 2018

Credit Mother Road Market

The 27,000-square foot Mother Road Market will open Nov. 2 at 10 a.m.

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation President and CEO Elizabeth Frame Ellison said Tulsa’s first food hall aims to do more than be just a new attraction.

"We were really looking to help businesses launch and scale in the food industry in a way that wasn’t impossible. Because building a kitchen is very expensive, and starting a business is also very overwhelming and expensive," Frame Ellison said.

People just getting their feet wet in the food industry will be side-by-side with well-known Tulsa restaurants trying new concepts.

"The established businesses are in a position where they can mentor the new businesses and really give them advice on, 'Here’s how you hire your staff and train them. Here’s the best way to start up when you’re preparing. Here’s what you should look for in your food costing,'" Frame Ellison said.

Planning for Mother Road Market started around five years ago, and the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s food business launch program, Kitchen 66, moved to Mother Road Market this year.

There will be a full slate of grand-opening weekend activities at Mother Road Market.

"Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, whether you’re into food or wine or yoga, there will be something for you to enjoy," Frame Ellison said.

Mother Road Market is at 1124 S Lewis Ave. Its 20 tenants include vendors selling inedible goods like plants, home goods and screen printed merchandise.