"The Nature of Place" (Encore presentation.)

Tulsa, OK – (Note: This program first aired last year.) On today's ST, we offer a conversation with Avi Friedman, who is a Professor at the McGill School of Architecture. Friedman has written (per McGill's website) on "subjects ranging from construction technology to suburban planning and space management" --- and his most recent book is "The Nature of Place: A Search for Authenticity" (Princeton Architectural Press). It's basically a book about the "good" places that we as human beings tend to seek out --- those authentic, engaging, beautiful, and/or comfortable places that we most want to work, play, relax, socialize, dine, dwell, or simply be in. The author profiles sixteen such spots from around the globe, and in so doing explores, among other matters, the widespread rise of farmer's markets, the disappearance of folk art from certain neighborhoods, and the relationship between cities and their natural environments.