NEPI Announces a New Plan: "Building America's Energy Future: A Portfolio of Promising Policies"

Apr 25, 2013

Our guest on ST is Tony Knowles, the president of the National Energy Policy Institute (or NEPI) and former governor of Alaska. Based here at the University of Tulsa, and created in 2008 with a donation from the George Kaiser Family Foundation (which also donates funds to Public Radio Tulsa), NEPI is a think-tank aiming to provide policymakers with better research and scholarship with which to design and implement energy policy. Today, Thursday the 25th, NEPI will announce its newest report --- titled "Building America's Energy Future: A Portfolio of Promising Policies" --- at a conference in the Allen Chapman Activity Center on the TU campus. The conference carries the same title as the report in question, and it's free to the public, lasting from 9:30am to 2:30pm. As we read of the newly announced NEPI plan at this organization's website: "NEPI has crafted a report that quantifies an aggressive target by 2035 to reduce oil use and greenhouse gas emissions. [This report] shows how a set of five policies can achieve these goals at a surprisingly low cost and will enhance our national security, create a healthier environment, and take a significant step toward mitigating climate change." Knowles elaborates on these five policies on today's edition of our show. (And you can learn more about today's NEPI meeting here at TU at this link.)