A New App That Aims to Bring Price Transparency to Medical Services (Encore Presentation)

Jul 25, 2016

(Note: This interview originally aired back in January.) What if you had an app on your smartphone that could tell precisely how much a certain medical procedure was going to cost...before you even visited the doctor or called your health insurance company? Sounds like a rather great (and overdue) idea, no? Such an app is in development these days, right here in our community. On this edition of StudioTulsa Medical Monday, guest host John Schumann speaks with Matt Scovil and Nathan Gilchrist, the two co-founders of a company called Medefy. This company is, per its website, "a seed-stage healthcare IT startup based in Tulsa. Medefy's chief product under development is a unique software tool that brings true price transparency to the medical services and provider market, allowing the corporate health-insured employee to see how much any covered medical procedure/provider will cost, and how it will interact with their specific benefit package. Incentives will be in place to prompt the user to choose high-quality, lower-cost care, saving themselves, and their employer, substantial money in both the short and long term."