New end-of-year Tests block Diploma for 2K Seniors

May 28, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The new end-of-year testing that's required for Oklahoma high school students to graduate has kept about 2,000 seniors from getting their diplomas, even though they've passed all their classes. The class of 2012 is the first class required to meet the new requirements, which stipulate that students have to pass at least four of seven end-of-year exams. The Oklahoman reports ( ) that students who were denied their diplomas can appeal, but the process can take more than two months. Students have 30 days to appeal and an Education Department board has 45 days to respond. The length of time to process an appeal has frustrated some students who are eager to get on with plans they've made to attend college. ___ Information from: The Oklahoman,