A New Member of the Tulsa Jail's Veterans Pod is an Albino with Four Legs

Sep 9, 2019

Casper on the job in the jail.
Credit TCSO

Most would say incarceration is no place to live, but for one four-legged dog, incarceration is becoming his permanent way of life. After 10 weeks of intense training and living 24/7 with two inmates at the Dick Conner Correctional Center, Casper left prison for none other than Tulsa’s County Jail.

The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center recently opened a housing unit for veterans and Administrator David Parker learned of Casper’s special situation and reached out to CARE Rescue OK, a local nonprofit animal rescue organization, to see if Casper may be available for this special “duty”. He will be a comfort animal for the inmates.

Casper came to CARE Rescue in the summer of 2018 after being found roaming the streets of North Tulsa. Initially, Casper was very thin and suffered from multiple severe skin conditions. With proper veterinary care, Casper spent the next three months in the animal hospital being treated for Demodex and Sarcoptic Mange and Ringworm. Much of his very thin white hair was already gone and while receiving treatment, doctors learned he is highly susceptible to sunburns and will need to be routinely observed for his skin conditions including applying regular sunscreen ointment. He's now on duty at the Tulsa jail's veteran's pod, where he will be indoors out of the sun most of the time.