New Name for 61st and Peoria Area

Jun 9, 2019

Traffic sign at the intersection.
Credit Google Street View

The area around 61st and South Peoria gets a new name. Hope Valley is a new neighborhood association that includes multi-apartments, businesses and homes.

“I’m so excited to show off the new Hope Valley signs and to support this citizen re- branding effort,” Councilor Cue said. “I want to thank everyone who has been working so hard making sure this community is not defined by an intersection. This is a new day in Hope Valley.”

Beginning in late 2017, community members and students at nearby Marshall Elementary School were invited to vote for a new name from a ballot of six choices. The winning name, Hope Valley, was adopted by the community and officially rolls out with the unveiling of the new neighborhood signs. The signs come at no cost to the City thanks to a donation from Councilor Ben Kimbro, whose district  shares part of Hope Valley.