A New Name, a New Brand, and a New Vision for AHHA Tulsa

Apr 5, 2018

The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa will now be known as AHHA Tulsa. As per the AHHA website: "The organization's Board of Directors voted recently to change the name to something modern that encompasses the organization's mission to cultivate creativity in Tulsa, while also honoring its decades-long history. AHHA will continue to provide its long-standing arts infusion programs such as Artists in the Schools and Any Given Child-Tulsa, and [the organization is also] unveiling a new model of engaging people at its downtown Hardesty Arts Center, now officially deemed AHHA." We learn more about all of the above from our two guests on StudioTulsa today: Holly Becker is the Executive Director of AHHA Tulsa, and Dr. Amber R. Litwack is the organization's Director of Education, Public Engagement, and National Partnerships.