A New Program from Tulsa Habitat for Humanity: A Brush with Kindness

May 2, 2013

On this installment of ST, we welcome Paul Kent, Executive Director of Tulsa Habitat for Humanity. This cherished, local nonprofit will mark its 25th anniversary this year --- the national Habitat organization, by the way, is about a dozen or so years older --- and the Tulsa chapter is also on track to build its 300th house in our community this coming fall. Kent tells us how Tulsa Habitat operates: who does the work; where the money for this work comes from; how the homes get built and occupied; and why these homes are, in turn, so successful at strengthening families and reinvigorating neighborhoods. He also describes a newly announced Tulsa Habitat program --- which actually gets underway today, Thursday the 2nd --- called A Brush with Kindness (or ABWK). It's a program that basically aims to help low-income families maintain their homes through exterior-oriented projects like improvements, repairs, upkeep, and accessibility-enhancement. (You'll find complete details about ABWK --- as well as much more about Tulsa Habitat itself --- here.)