A New Study Underscores the Vital Economic Role that Nonprofit Arts Groups Play in Tulsa

Jun 27, 2017

Our guest is Todd Cunningham, the Executive Director of Arts Alliance Tulsa, which is, per its website, "a United Arts Fund that strengthens and supports the arts for a greater Tulsa through fundraising, support services, audience development, and responsible investment and allocation of resources." Comprised of dozens of outstanding nonprofit arts groups from throughout the Tulsa area, Arts Alliance Tulsa has only been around for a couple of years now -- but its very presence highlights the important role that the arts play in our community's economy. That crucial role has been dramatically underscored by a new nationwide study, just announced today, which Cunningham tells us about. It's the so-called Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Study -- and as far as Northeastern Oklahoma goes, this study reports that local arts groups contribute to nearly 8,000 full time jobs...while also contributing more than $228 million annually to our region's economy. The nonprofit arts, therefore, don't just enrich our lives, as Cunningham tells us, they actively ignite and continuously foster economic growth.