New Tulsa Transit Route, Aimed At Linking Tulsans With Job Sites, To Be Fare-Free Until 2021

Oct 15, 2020

Tulsa Transit has announced a new route aimed at serving Tulsans who rely on bus service for their commutes to and from several major area employers.

The Workforce Express Network, or Route 969, will run a closed-circuit loop connecting North Tulsa and Turley with employers including Whirlpool and the Macy's and Amazon fulfillment centers. Two connecting shuttles will also transport riders to the Port of Catoosa and Tulsa International Airport.

The route will be free to ride through Dec. 31.

"It is connecting people to work, and not just a piddling, get-by job, but a quality job that can really help change the quality of life in my district," said Tulsa City Councilor Crista Patrick (District 3) at a press conference Tuesday.

"There are Tulsans here who need to connect to other parts of Tulsa as well, and this is going to really fulfill more of our efforts to make those connections happen for every Tulsan," said Councilor Kara Joy McKee (District 4). 

Tulsa Ports said in a statement Thursday that they were "excited for the new Tulsa Transit route - WEN: Workforce Express Network - that will connect North Tulsa residents to several companies, including the Tulsa Ports, and have a potential economic impact of $21 million upon full ridership."