On the Next All This Jazz, Music from Kenny Wheeler, Aaron Goldberg, Gerald Wilson, and Many More

Apr 17, 2015

Hope you can tune in Saturday the 18th at 10pm, right here on Public Radio 89.5, for another edition of All This Jazz (with an online "live stream" of the show accessible at PublicRadioTulsa.org).

Each week, ATJ spins modern jazz, both recent and classic, across a range of styles. We also present, every Sunday night, a 7pm re-airing of the show on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our station's all-jazz (and all-excellent) HD Radio channel.

It's two solid hours of jazz music -- and uniformly wonderful music at that, which you'll find nowhere else on Tulsa radio -- and in the second half of our program, with each broadcast, we offer a theme.

This time around, as we listen back to show that originally aired in late January, that theme will be Jazz Greats Who Passed Away Last Year. And so we'll hear, in the latter-hour part of of our program, from Charlie Haden, Horace Silver, Jimmy Scott, Gerald Wilson, Kenny Wheeler (shown here), and other jazz masters who died in 2014. (And in the first hour, you ask? For openers: Aaron Goldberg, Louis Armstrong, and Dexter Gordon.)

Come on along. If you dig jazz -- and if you tend to enjoy the rich variety that jazz can offer -- then wow, have we ever got a radio show for you.

(Also, you can access the latest playlist information for All This Jazz at this link, and can visit our show's Facebook page here. Thanks, folks.)