On the Next All This Jazz: Spotlighting Italy’s Black Saint and Soul Note Record Labels

Mar 20, 2020

Listen for the next All This Jazz, starting at 9pm on Saturday the 21st, right here on KWGS-FM / Public Radio Tulsa. It'll be three hours of can't-miss, germ-free modern jazz...across a wide range of styles.

And in the thematic, 11pm-to-midnight hour of our show, our theme will be Spotlighting the Black Saint and Soul Note Record Labels. As the critic Fred Kaplan has written for Stereophile: “Black Saint...with Soul Note, another Italian label owned by the same proprietor...was THE hip jazz label from the late 1970s through the early ‘90s, an era when the most creative avant-gardists were exploring the music’s roots — rediscovering the appeal of beauty, wit, and swing — and sifting them through their own individual sounds.... Black Saint and Soul Note were to the jazz of that era what Blue Note and Impulse! were to theirs. Jazz fans would buy the latest releases on the reputation of the [two-faceted] label alone, knowing they’d hear music that was adventurous but, for the most part, accessible, virtuosic with a beat, soaring to the stars but tied to the ground.” Thus we will hear, on our next broadcast, cuts from stellar Black Saint / Soul Note LPs by Mingus Dynasty (shown here), Paul Bley, Henry Threadgill, and Sun Ra, to name a few.

Elsewhere in our program, we'll listen to Rez Abbasi, Ted Poor, June Christy, Gerry Mulligan, and Fred Hersh, among others.

Join us, fellow jazz buffs! Every Saturday night, both online and over the air, we deliver both recent and classic jazz galore. Indeed, All This Jazz is delighted by modern (and post-modern!) jazz in its various forms, and we dig sharing the same with our listeners.

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