No New COVID-19 Deaths Reported, Recoveries Outpace New Cases

May 13, 2020

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 120 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the state's total to 4,852, but the number of patients considered to have recovered was 136.

Patients are considered to have recovered if they did not die, are not currently hospitalized and it has been at least 14 days since they tested positive for the coronavirus, though there are reports symptoms can persist for weeks longer. In all, 3,559 Oklahomans have recovered, according to the state health department.

No new deaths were reported on Wednesday, leaving the death toll at 278.

"For the second time this month, OSDH has received no reports of COVID-19 related deaths within a 24-hour period," Health Commissioner Gary Cox said in a statement. "While this is a very hopeful development, OSDH is in the midst of rapidly expanding our contact tracing efforts to ensure Oklahoma can continue its significant progress to minimize the presence of COVID-19."

According to the state health department, 109,859 COVID-19 tests have been performed, which would give the state a positive test rate of 4.4%. Officials say dozens of testing sites are available across Oklahoma so anyone who wants a test can get one.

People who want a test should check with specific sites about their requirements, as many ask for appointments or pre-screenings.

COVID-19 appears to be more severe for men in Oklahoma than it is for women. From state figures reported Wednesday, 23% of the 2,163 men who have tested positive for the illness have died, while 70% have recovered. Of the 2,664 women who have tested positive for the illness, 18% have died and 77% have recovered.

There are 25 cases where the patient's gender is unknown. All are still active cases.