The Nonprofit Smart Growth Tulsa: An Update on Its Goals and Activities

Mar 16, 2017

On this edition of ST, we offer a wide-ranging chat with Bill Leighty, the executive director of Smart Growth Tulsa, which was founded in April of 2014 and incorporated as a nonprofit just recently. This organization, per its website, is "committed to policies, not politics. We seek to create healthy communities that work for everyone, with strong schools and local businesses, improved mobility options and jobs that pay well.... We recognize the benefit of increased population density and tightly controlled sprawl to improve safety and save money on infrastructure and maintenance costs. We advocate for smart growth solutions to create safe, healthy, and affordable live, work, and play neighborhoods served by adequate public transportation. We are committed to creating local jobs and protecting the environment. We support smart public investments and common sense solutions based upon proven ideas, not just good theory. We want major capital spending projects to be entirely consistent with our comprehensive plan and subjected to a sound return on investment analysis before they are considered. We celebrate Tulsa's assets but strive to improve our city in virtually every area of life."