Noted Tulsa-Based Author Clifton Taulbert Offers "The Invitation"

Mar 12, 2014

Today on StudioTulsa, we chat with the esteemed Tulsa-based author and longtime public-speaker and businessman Clifton Taulbert, whose many books include "Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored," "The Last Train North," and "Eight Habits of the Heart." Taulbert joins us to discuss his newest book, a memoir called "The Invitation," which is just out from New South Books. As we read of this work at the New South website: "When international lecturer Clifton Taulbert receives an unexpected invitation to supper in Allendale, South Carolina, he brings with him Little Cliff, the colored boy from the Mississippi Delta who is also Clifton Taulbert, carrying all he was taught as a child about staying 'in his place' and surviving in the Jim Crow South. Transported back into a setting that looks and feels like the cotton fields and shotgun shacks of his childhood, Taulbert finds himself expected to cross racial barriers he would have been forbidden to cross before. 'The Invitation' is the story of the man and the little boy inside him wrestling with a past they both know so well, while stepping into a future that is still being determined." Please note that Taulbert will be reading from and signing copies of "The Invitation" this coming Saturday, the 15th, at the Tulsa Historical Society (at 2445 South Peoria) --- this event begins at 10:30am, and you can learn more about it at this link.