Notes on DACA: Where Are We Now? What Happens Next? And How Will Tulsa Be Affected?

Nov 28, 2017

On this installment of ST, we hear about how people living and working here in Tulsa would be affected by the cancellation of DACA, which President Trump proposed earlier this year. The DACA (or "Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival") Program is an Obama-era federal statue allowing some children who entered the U.S. illegally to stay here as long as they meet certain criteria; there are now about 800,000 DACA recipients in this country. Our guests today are two young people based in Tulsa who are both DACA recipients, and who both came to the U.S. at a young age. We are also joined by Emma Thadani, who is the Chair of Immigration Issues for a local nonprofit known as ACTION -- as in, "Allied Communities of Tulsa Inspiring Our Neighborhoods" -- which works to organize institutions throughout the community in order to foster public engagement, democratic culture, social justice, and positive change. As we learn today, ACTION will host a free "Tulsans Speak Out on DACA" event on Thursday, November 30th, at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (2515 E. 1st Street). This gathering begins at 7pm; more info is posted here.