Notes on Music and Meaning: A Chat with the Poet Erica Hunt

Mar 6, 2012

[Aired Tuesday, March 6th.] On today's show, we speak with the New York-based poet Erica Hunt, who'll give a free-to-the-public reading of her poetry tonight on the TU campus. Her reading is presented by the TU Department of English / Creative Writing; it takes place in the Faculty Study of McFarlin Library, beginning at 7:30pm. As we learn on today's show, Hunt has also worked as a housing organizer, radio producer, poetry teacher, and social justice advocate. In addition to her three books of poems --- which are "Arcade," "Piece Logic," and "Local History" --- Hunt has also written widely on such scholarly topics as experimental poetry and poetics, critical race theory, and feminist aesthetics. Today, she's the president of The Twenty-First Century Foundation, which supports organizations addressing root causes of social injustice impacting the black community. Hunt is also a poet who's frequently collaborated with musicians --- a writer who thinks about both "the page and the stage" when creating her work --- and her husband is the highly regarded avant-garde jazz musician, Marty Ehrlich. (To learn more about Hunt's life and work, please visit