Notes on "Oklahoma Shakedown," a New Documentray Film to Be Screened Soon at the Circle Cinema

Apr 26, 2016

On this installment of ST, we meet a young Oklahoma filmmaker named Taylor Mullins, who tells us about his new documentary, "Oklahoma Shakedown." As the controversy continues over whether waste-water disposal is playing a role in our state's alarming rise of seismic activity, this film profiles various Oklahoma geologists and residential property owners who have decided to take action to stop these incessant quakes. Mullins tells us that he started making his hour-long film while still enrolled as a student at OU in Norman, and he seems especially committed to showing how these man-made earthquakes are affecting small towns throughout the north-central part of our state. Please note that there will be a free screening of this film tomorrow night, Tuesday the 26th, at 6:30pm at the Circle Cinema. You can learn more about this screening -- and can also view at trailer for "Oklahoma Shakedown" -- at this link.