Now at Philbrook -- "Lusha Nelson Photographs: Celebrity, the Forgotten Man, and 1930s America"

Feb 13, 2017

On this edition of ST, we welcome two curators from the Philbrook Museum of Art to our show. Catherine Whitney and Sarah Lees tell us about "Lusha Nelson Photographs: Celebrity, the Forgotten Man, and 1930s America," which will be on view through May 7th of this year. As noted of this fine show at the Philbrook website: "Nelson (Latvian-American, 1907-1938) was a promising young staff photographer who worked for Condé Nast Publications from 1932 to 1938 and ran in prominent photography circles with the likes of Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz. Best-remembered for striking, modern portraits of American celebrities and elegant fashion photography, Nelson also pursued documentary photography before his untimely death.... This exhibition celebrates Philbrook’s acquisition of thousands of photographs by Nelson and the rediscovery of this little-known talent in this first-ever, one-person exhibition. The range of Nelson's work is broad and offers dazzling views of American life, from Wall Street and Coney Island to circus sideshows and sanitariums."