Now Running for Tulsa Mayor: Ty Walker

Aug 19, 2020

On this edition of ST, we continue our series of conversations with candidates seeking the office of Tulsa mayor. Our guest today is Ty Walker, who owns and operates Tulsa's well-known Wanda J's Next Generation Restaurant. Mr. Walker was born and raised in North Tulsa; he is the father of six daughters, a 1983 graduate of McLain High School, and a U.S. Navy Veteran who served during Desert Storm. Further, per the Walker campaign website: "Tulsa faces a world of economic issues. While we are maintaining as a city, we are not growing. Tulsa focuses on providing large tax breaks and incentives for large corporations and tech giants while neglecting local, small business owners. Our population has not grown consistently in the past 10 years. Economic development and opportunities are not evenly promoted and distributed across the city. Our municipalities are forced to rely on sales tax revenue as opposed to a more robust funding system.... Ty understands the challenges faced by our local business owners. [He] will take a smart, conservative approach to create an environment in Tulsa conducive to growth and prosperity, an approach that includes citizen participation."