Now on View at Living Arts of Tulsa: "Chandelier & Other Luminous Objects"

Aug 29, 2014

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak with Steve Liggett, artistic director of the nonprofit Living Arts of Tulsa (located downtown at 307 East Brady). Liggett is also the curator of "Chandelier & Other Luminous Objects," which opened in early August and will remain on exhibit at the Living Arts gallery through September 25th -- and which Liggett tells us all about on today's program. Some three dozen or so chandeliers and other light-emitting objects are on display -- from earrings to floor-to-ceiling works -- some of which seem more like decorative works of design, some of which seems more like creative works of art. And none of which, as Liggett assures us, look anything like what you'd find at a furniture store.... (You can learn more about (and see images from) this varied and interesting show -- which includes pieces by Heidi BigKnife, Julie Clark, Karl Engel, Eric Fransen, Ashley Guthrie, Nancy Hamill, Olga Lipatz, Beatriz Mayorca, Hugh McDougal, Bruce McGrath, R.C. Morrison, E.G. Neal, Diane Salamon, and many others -- at this link.) Liggett also speaks with us about a few other notable shows opening at Living Arts in the coming weeks and months.