"The Oath and the Office" -- TU Presents a Public Talk by Corey Brettschneider

Sep 17, 2020

Our guest is TU's Phi Beta Kappa Carl F. Cranor Visiting Scholar, Corey Brettschneider. He joins us to talk about his recent book, "The Oath and the Office." This book will form the basis for his upcoming, free-to-the-public Phi Beta Kappa lecture, which Brettschneider will give online this evening (the 17th) at 5pm. (Information on how to register for this lecture is posted here.) The book both explains and explores the powers, and the limits, that our Constitution assigns to the presidency. From the writing and ongoing interpretation of the document itself and to the various ways in which the presidency has figured into America's most famous court cases, Brettschneider time and again underscores what "we the people" can do to influence the nation's highest public office.