ODOT Watching for Infrastructure Spending in Next Federal Coronavirus Response Bill

Apr 6, 2020

Credit Oklahoma Department of Transportation

An infrastructure spending package could be part of future federal coronavirus response bills.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation Executive Director Tim Gatz said they are closely watching Washington for developments.

"The Department of Transportation is working hard as we speak to make sure that we are poised to meet the needs of whatever comes from the congress and the president, and we’ll continue our efforts to be ready with projects that can be moved quickly," Gatz said.

Gatz said talks on including infrastructure in a fourth response and recovery bill could also lead to some more certainty when life goes back to normal.

"I think we potentially will see a long-term federal highway bill that will materialize out of this effort that will provide for multi years of funding and optimistically those multi years of funding may come at a higher level than we originally had anticipated," Gatz said.

Another coronavirus relief bill has not been introduced yet.