'Office of Independent Monitor' Removed from Council Consideration... For Now

Sep 8, 2019

Credit Tulsa City Council/KWGS News

Lacking support from the full Tulsa City Council, Mayor Bynum has pulled the creation of an ‘Office of Independent Monitor’ from consideration. The office would have reviewed Tulsa Police use of force cases and other internal affairs investigations.

The action does not mean the idea is dead, however. In a letter to council members, the Mayor said his staff is working on a revision of the idea and will present it soon to the council.

The proposal came under fire from some several different directions. Some felt the office, without subpoena power, could not adequately review cases. Others expressed concern about the cost of creating a new city office.

The Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police felt the creation of the office would violate its contract with the city and that any such action would need to be part of contract negotiations.