Official News and Horticultural Views on Water Usage in the City of Tulsa

Jul 31, 2012

Earlier today, Mayor Dewey Bartlett asked the citizens of Tulsa and its surrounding communities to voluntarily restrict their water usage. This request was based on that fact that 207.3 million gallons of water were used by Tulsans yesterday; this amount surpassed the point at which City of Tulsa ordinance requires the mayor to ask for voluntary restrictions on outside watering. In fact, if the same rate of water usage occurs today, Tuesday the 31st, then Tulsans will be looking at mandatory water restrictions. On this edition of StudioTulsa, we'll hear about why such restrictions are necessary --- and about how much water Tulsa has at its disposal (at any given time) in the first place --- from Bob Brownwood, the Water Supply Manager for the City of Tulsa. And then, a bit later in our program, we'll hear some useful tips and tricks regarding how to make the most of our water usage --- when it comes to watering lawns and caring for our plants and gardens, at least --- when we're joined by Barry Fugatt, the Director of Horticulture at the Tulsa Garden Center.