Officials Clarify Claims on OU, OSU COVID-19 Testing Capability

Mar 24, 2020

Credit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Oklahoma’s efforts to ramp up COVID-19 testing could hit a snag if supply bottlenecks persist.

Deputy State Secretary of Science and Innovation Elizabeth Pollard said they are pursuing testing materials from commercial sources.

"Here we can get reagents from outside of just our government allocation and be able to run tests on commercial platforms that we have available in the state to be able to meet the demand that we have," Pollard said.

Those materials been in short supply from the federal government. State Secretary of Science and Innovation Kayse Shrum said those are what OU and OSU labs need in order to help meet testing demand.

"We currently are anticipating receiving 10,000 test kits with the goal of having our labs up and running by the end of the week," Shrum said.

At a briefing Sunday, Shrum said OU and OSU labs could run 10,000 tests per week. That would happen only if testing supplies came in regularly.