OK Mozart Festival 2012 Begins Friday the 8th

Jun 6, 2012

This year's OK Mozart Festival gets underway on Friday the 8th; it runs for more than a week, with an array of not-to-be-missed performances in both Bartlesville and OKC. We're joined on this installment of StudioTulsa by four members of the Amici New York Orchestra, the outstanding classical collective that's been at the heart of the OK Mozart Festival since its beginning in 1985. Our guests are Adria Benjamin (viola), Bob Zubrycki (violin), Sebu Sirinian (violin), and Adam Grabois (cello) --- these four also perform together as the Amici New York String Quartet, and some of them have been playing with the orchestra each time it's visited in Bartlesville for many years now. The string quartet tells us about the development and growth of the festival, highlights a few of the notable upcoming concerts for this year, and even plays some Mozart here in our KWGS studios on the TU campus. You can learn all about this year's exciting OK Mozart line-up at this site.