Okla. ACLU Calls For Dropping Of Charges For Teacher In "I Can't Breathe" Shirt Arrested At Rally

Jun 23, 2020

Calling Sheila Buck's nationally televised arrest outside the BOK Center on Saturday an "outrage," the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma has called for charges to be dropped.

Buck, a Tulsa teacher, was wearing an "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt when, according to a statement from the Tulsa Police Department, the Trump campaign requested she be removed. Buck claimed to hold a ticket to the rally.

"While Tulsa Police say they were following orders from the presidential campaign to remove Sheila Buck, and news reports indicate that request was made because of her shirt (a black t-shirt depicting the outline of a person kneeling on another's neck with the text I Can't Breathe), the scene was one that felt familiar to those who have encountered Tulsa Police previously or watched their aggressive response to protests over the last several weeks," said Nicole McAfee, director of policy and advocacy for the ACLU of Oklahoma, in a prepared statement.

"I can't breathe" were some of the final words of several Black men whose killings by police officers were caught on video in recent years, including Eric Garner in New York, George Floyd in Minneapolis, and Derrick Ollie Scott in Oklahoma City.