Oklahoma Budget Package Includes Bill Requiring Daily Reports on State CARES Act Spending

May 4, 2020

Credit Serge Melki

In lawmakers’ package of 12 budget bills is one that would require daily reports on Oklahoma’s spending of federal coronavirus relief funds.

House Appropriations and Budget Chair Kevin Wallace said Monday it appears the state has $800 million to spend once distributions are made to local governments from Oklahoma's roughly $1.2 billion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act allocation, and lawmakers want input.

"We have reached out looking for an executive and legislature summit to discuss how to employ those funds. Right now, that’s still up to the governor and his directions of the utilization for the CARES Act," Wallace said.

Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson said lawmakers asked Gov. Kevin Stitt to include them before turning to legislation.

"We want some transparency out of the governor’s office. We’ve asked to be involved, and so far, we’ve received just crickets from the letter that we sent to him. There’s been no reply," Thompson said.

Senate Bill 1944 would require the daily reports be published on the state Oklahoma's Checkbook website