Oklahoma has already hit last year's flu season positive test peak

Oct 12, 2021

Public health officials are keeping an eye on the percent of tests coming back positive for flu. 


Dr. David Kendrick is the CEO of MyHealth Access Network, a health information sharing network in the state. Kendrick said in 2019 the peak of flu season saw about 25% test positivity, but last year with infection protection measures in place the peak was much lower.


“We had a peak of only 6% of positivity for the flu. Of course continuing through April we had a fairly widespread program of masking and distancing in Oklahoma,” said Kendrick.


Kendrick said Oklahoma hit 6% flu test positivity for 2021 recently, so now he’s waiting to see how things will progress.


“We had a peak of 6% a few days ago. So the question is do we turn the corner and come back down like we did last October? Or do we continue to have a more normal flu season?”


Public health officials have cautioned that a mix of flu and COVID may create more problems for hospitals this winter. 


The COVID-19 test positivity for the state and for Tulsa is at about 11%.