One Remarkable Doctor Who's Fighting Opioid Addiction in Smalltown Massachusetts

Jul 2, 2018

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we speak with Dr. Ruth Potee, who is both a Family Physician and an Addiction Medicine Physician based in Greenfield, Mass. She's also the Medical Director for the Franklin County House of Corrections, the Franklin Recovery and Treatment Center, and the Pioneer Valley Regional School District. As such, Dr. Potee has emerged as a leading expert and well-spoken advocate in her community on not just the physiology of addiction, but also on how we as a society -- as parents, family members, friends, doctors, law-enforcement officials, and so on -- can take meaningful and data-supported steps to reverse this nation's opioid-addiction crisis. (Note that you can access a recent article featuring Dr. Potee -- which was headlined "Can This Small Town Lead America in Fighting the Opioid Crisis?" -- at this link, and you can also find Dr. Potee's appearance on CNN with the late Anthony Bourdain here.)