"The Optimist's Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age"

Aug 26, 2020

Our guest on ST is Bina Venkataraman, a journalist and former adviser in the Obama administration who has helped communities and businesses prepare for climate change. She tells us about her book, "The Optimist's Telescope," which is now out in paperback. This work explores why we as human beings tend NOT to think ahead -- and what can be done to change that. Gathering personal stories and historical accounts from around the world while also digging into recent research in biology, psychology, and economics, Venkataraman explains how we can better make decisions that benefit ourselves (and our families, and our societies) over time. As per The New York Times Book Review: "How might we mitigate losses caused by shortsightedness? Bina Venkataraman, a former climate adviser to the Obama administration, brings a storyteller's eye to this question.... She is also deeply informed about the relevant science."